The most important influence in a child’s formal education, apart from the curriculum, is his teachers.  All teachers, as well as the members of the Board of Trustees, Principal, and Faculty at Regina Pacis Academy make a profession of faith and take an oath of fidelity to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. This public witness to their ecclesial communion accomplishes several things. It aids the teacher by safeguarding his or her intellectual integrity. It fosters a sense of unity of purpose within the faculty and administration, and it gives assurance to parents who desire that their children pursue their studies in an authentically Catholic setting. The willingness on the part of our faculty to take this oath of fidelity also serves as an inspiration to our students, as well as to the broader Catholic community.


Mrs. Kimberly Quatela ~ Principal

Ms. Jean Willis ~ Vice-Principal

Mrs. Jane Reichle ~ Business Manager

Full-time Faculty

Mrs. Angela Marchetti ~ Kindergarten

Mrs. Ana Jurac ~ Grade 1/2 Homeroom 

Mrs. Anna McCabe ~ Grade 3/4 Homeroom 

Mr. Ralph Nicefaro ~ Grade 5/6 Homeroom & Drama (Grade 3-8 Assistant)

Miss Madeline Betz ~ Grade 7/8 Homeroom, Latin (Grade 3/4), & Drama (Kindergarten - Grade 8 Lead)

Part-time Faculty

Mrs. Karen Anderson ~ Art (Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Mrs. Faithann Bertini ~ Mathematics, Literature & Language Arts (Grade 1)

Mrs. Laurel Bishop ~ Library (Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Miss Aurore Boyle ~ Mathematics, Literature & Language Arts (Grade 3)

Mrs. Jill Chessman ~ Latin (Grade 1/2, Grade 6 & Grade 7)  

Mr. Leon Grimm ~ Physical Education & Cross Country/Basketball Coach (Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Mrs. Alexandra Kimball ~ History (Grade 5/6) & Literature (Grade 7/8)

Mr. David Moran ~ Latin (Grade 5 & Grade 8)

Mr. Jeffrey Padilla ~ Mathematics (Grade 5 & Grade 8-Algebra I & Geometry) & Literature (Grade 6)

Dr. Samuel Schmitt ~ Music (Kindergarten - Grade 8)

Mrs. Kristjana Underhill ~ History (Grade 7/8) & Mathematics (Grade 7)

If you would like to join this influential body of faculty members and be considered for any future open or new teaching positions, please submit your resume and cover letter to Mrs. Kimberly Quatela at