Welcoming and Supportive Staff

All students begin their day by arriving at school and being greeted by the principal and other administrative staff members with a smile, welcoming greeting, and handshake.  Before classes begin, all students have a brief homeroom time where they can organize for the day, conference with their teacher, meet with other teachers for extra prep work, and get settled before they day begins.  Staff make every effort to be available before and after school, as needed, to support the academic needs of our students.

Small Class Sizes

Our small student/teacher ratio allows for individual attention and recognizes the uniqueness of each student. Small classes foster a family atmosphere. Our small class sizes enhance children’s opportunity to learn. Thus, classrooms become an extension of the family, which is always the first and primary school of the child.  Current class sizes for a shared classroom of two grade levels is between 8 and 14 students.

Academic Rigor

A full academic day includes all major content subject areas with our mathematics and language arts blocks being most significant, encompassing the full morning of academic time.  After lunch and recess, students finish their content area classes including history, Latin, music, religion, and science, with some days including drama, art, physical education and library.

Living Out Our Catholic Faith & Living a Virtuous Life

The daily schedule of Regina Pacis Academy provides the opportunity to attend daily Mass at St. Mary’s Church before the beginning of each school day, as well as a weekly school-wide Mass.  Male students are encouraged to serve at Mass. Regina Pacis Academy also strives to foster a love of Catholic devotions, apart from the Mass, through the recitation of spiritual exercises such as the Angelus at noon, prayer before each class, weekly rosary, and by reading the lives of the saints.  Eucharistic Adoration and confession are available throughout the year. These practices nurture faith and become a path of self-expression according to the tastes and temperament of the child.  In addition, our school is imbued with virtue education, as each week we introduce and reinforce a new virtue for all students to practice and improve.

Developing close friendships Across All Grade Levels

Regina Pacis Academy classrooms are shared classrooms of two grade levels each, with the exception of Kindergarten.  Students split by grade level for language arts and mathematics, and cover all other subject areas together.  This provides opportunities for students to develop close friendships across many grade levels.  In addition, for Mass and weekly rosary, along with other social activities, our Kindergarten and Grade 1/2 students are matched with older student "buddies" in Grades 5-8.  This provides our younger students with older students to assist them by modeling good behavior and manners.