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Dear Friends,

On behalf of our Board of Trustees, the faculty and staff of Regina Pacis Academy, our parents, and our students, I would like to welcome you to our website and invite you to learn more about our special school.  

In a world that very often obscures the goodness, the truth, and the beauty of God's grace and His presence in all of creation, at Regina Pacis Academy, we offer a different path for our students – one that is rooted in Christ, and grounded in His Church.  Every day, we seek to educate our children's minds, form their consciences, and immerse them in all that is good, true, and beautiful. 

Our educational approach follows the classical model, which appeals to children’s innate curiosity and seeks to foster a life-long love of learning.  Our educators are living witnesses of their Catholic faith who desire to hand down to our students the faith which they have received.  Our students, therefore, are encouraged to pursue academic excellence in an authentically Catholic environment.  Our goal is to form the hearts, minds, and character of these young men and women, so that they can lead lives of virtue, strengthened by the truths of the Catholic faith and armed with a passion for learning.  In short, our intention is no small feat – we seek to do no less than form saints and scholars.

At Regina Pacis, we propose what may seem at first glance to be a new kind of Catholic education, a new way of thinking about educating children, but, in fact, what we offer is founded on tried and true principles employed with success over the centuries.  Your child will not just be well prepared for high school - he will be well prepared for life.  I invite you to come and see for yourself what makes Regina Pacis Academy unique among Catholic elementary schools. The pursuit of academic excellence, instruction in the perennial truths of the faith in an authentically Catholic school setting, and development of Christian virtue and personal character - these are what we have to offer your child. 

May Our Lady, Queen of Peace, bless you and your family.  Regina Pacis, ora pro nobis! 

In Christ,

Mrs. Kimberly Quatela