Student Uniform and Appearance Code

Presentation is important as students are representing themselves, their family and their school. Taking pride in one’s appearance is an important virtue. It demonstrates self-respect and respect for those with whom you come in contact. As dress and appearance reflect attitudes, students should dress modestly and in good taste. Students should be neat, clean, well groomed and in proper uniform at all times while at school or school-related functions. All students are expected to abide by the following dress code and rules:


  • Uniforms must be clean, fit properly and be worn properly each day.
  • No outerwear, such as coats or jackets may be worn during the school day. All hats and outerwear must be removed upon entering the building except for medical reasons.
  • Only natural hair colors are allowed.
  • Hair should be kept neat, clean and out of the eyes.
  • No extreme hairstyles are permitted (including, but not limited to, punk, shaved or Mohawk style).


  • Girl’s skirts must be hemmed to the knee
  • Simple jewelry such as a watch, ring, single stud earrings (no dangling earrings) or a single religious item (cross or medal) worn on a necklace are permitted.
  • Hair accessories such as a headbands and barrettes should be simple and in good taste.
  • Make up is not permitted (including finger nail polish)
  • No body piercing, other than ears is allowed.


  • Boy’s shirt must be tucked in.
  • Trouser waistbands may not be worn lower than an inch below the navel.
  • Hair should be kept short (not below the collar or the bottom of the ear).
  • No facial hair should be worn.
  • No jewelry other than a watch is permitted.
  • A single religious item such as a cross, medal or scapular may be worn inside the clothes.
  • No makeup or fingernail polish is permitted.
  • No body piercing is allowed.