Regina Pacis Academy is an independent, Catholic classical school located in Norwalk, Connecticut, serving students in grades K-8. We offer an academically rigorous curriculum from the classical tradition at a reasonable cost for all who desire to attend. Our families live in Fairfield County and surrounding areas.


The mission of Regina Pacis Academy is to achieve academic excellence, providing a Roman Catholic classical education taught by teachers loyal to the Magisterium.


We seek to:

EDUCATE our students in the humanities, the sciences, and authentic Catholic teaching, so each may develop a sense of what is true, good, and beautiful.

FORM the whole person of each student to put truth and Catholic moral values into action with a disposition toward service.

ENABLE students to meet the challenges of life with high self-esteem by teaching them how to think, not what to think.

PROTECT the school environment by providing a virtuous, loving, and wholesome family setting.

ATTRACT families who will contribute to a welcoming, safe, and joyful surrounding in which their children may flourish, at a reasonable cost for all.