The mission of Regina Pacis Academy is to provide the highest quality classical education to our students, taught by teachers loyal to the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. We offer a curriculum from the classical tradition at a reasonable cost for all.


Regina Pacis Academy seeks to:

TEACH students by providing an excellent academic education that empowers them to think critically and meet the challenges of life.

EDUCATE each student in their faith, the humanities, the sciences and authentic Catholic values, so each may develop a sense of what is good, right, noble, just and beautiful.

FORM the whole person of each student into an individual who puts truth and values into action. Students should display a critical discernment and possess a disposition toward service.

PROTECT the school environment by inviting those families who will share the values of a safe, loving and extended family environment.

ATTRACT those families seeking a welcoming, safe and joyful environment for their children to flourish.

SHARE the gift of this school with any Catholic family desiring this type of education.




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Seton Society

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